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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chinese Man Dies After 3-day Video Game Binge at Internet Cafe

A Chinese man dies after a three-day video game binge.
This is such a sad news, but there are times when people are desperately addicted to these games, and Internet addiction is a huge problem in China.
What is especially odd about this case is that the man was at an Internet café outside of Beijing. During the three-day video game binge, the man did not sleep, and he ate very little.
How could this happen in a public place? You would think that somebody would have stopped this man, before he got to the point of death.
China continues to battle Internet addiction. Researchers believe that there are tens of millions of Chinese who suffer from this illness. Even in the U.S., people tend to spend a lot of time online.
The Chinese man slipped into a coma right inside the Internet café. Once that happened, he was rushed to a clinic, but he died shortly after he arrived. Proving further evidence of the man’s addiction, authorities say he had spent over $1,500 in the past month just on Internet gaming.
Despite his death occurring in the café, police have ruled out the possibility of murder, even though they have taken several computers from the shop as part of their investigation. Apparently, the shop was quite small, with only six computers. That makes it even more unbelievable that this man was allowed to die after a three-day video game binge.