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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Money and Internet Addiction by Neal Frankle, CFP ® - Guest Blogger

The fuel that runs addiction is shame. Even if you are blessed and no longer acting out on the internet, the shame can linger on for years. One of the components of that shame is often financial. We have shame about the hours we wasted indulging our addictions, rather than being productive. We have shame about the money we spent to momentarily quiet our addiction. We have shame about the money we could have earned and spent to benefit our family – and didn’t.

That lingering shame can hurt us and lead us to act out in other ways. You might not be acting out on the computer but are you acting out with money?

To find out, look at your relationship with money and ask yourself a few questions. Consider the way you spend, invest, borrow, save and plan Are you powerless over some aspect of your financial life? Does some part of your financial behavior make your life unmanageable? If you feel you need to work a recovery program around money you are not alone. You can work a program and get the same benefits of recovery. Many resources are available and you deserve the blessings of a life full of joy and peace.

I know. The first step is the most difficult but also the most rewarding. Take an honest look at your financial life. You don’t have to suffer anymore. If you need help, just ask. It’s all around you.